Pre-IVF Preparation: Lifestyle Changes and Supplements to Improve Success Rates

Are you looking for a successful pregnancy via the IVF process? Well, in that case, pre-IVF preparation is necessary. IVF is nothing but a potent medical process that not only affects aspiring parents physically but also affects them emotionally. It is through these preparation steps that the anxiety-triggering experience of IVF can be tackled effectively by regulating the emotional quotient.

Pre IVF-preparation steps ensure healthy egg and sperm quality, which ultimately leads to a successful pregnancy. You can now visit the best IVF center in Pune near your place to get a detailed learning about the IVF process and the preparation steps involved. In this regard, your fertility doctor will give you complete guidance

Key lifestyle changes:

  • IVF procedures cannot be completed until and unless aspiring parents go through some major lifestyle changes. Some of the leading lifestyle changes recommended by the best IVF hospitals in Pune are as follows:


  • Balanced diet and healthy weight maintenance: Healthy weight maintenance is one of the imperative aspects that need to be taken care of. For that, a healthy and balanced diet is necessary. Unhealthy foods can increase the BMI rate, which comes as a great hindrance in the way of a woman's fertility, and this is how the IVF process gets affected in the end. Eating disorders not only increase the weight but also enhance the chances of pregnancy risks. Furthermore, both ovulation and the menstrual cycle are badly affected. A completely calorie-sufficient and nutritional diet needs to be maintained with strict meal schedules to avoid both over and underweight issues. Some of the best foods inducing successful IVF include fatty fish, especially salmon, nuts, veggies, fruits, whole grains, and seeds.
  • Alcohol and caffeine restriction: Eggs retrieving number gets decreased due to an increased intake of alcohol and caffeine. On the other hand, spontaneous miscarriage rates also get heightened with this addictive habit. This is why IVF specialists from the renowned fertility clinic in Pune often suggest their clients not to take any kind of alcoholic drink at least one to two months before the IVF process. 
  • Stress management: Having stress before the IVF procedure is quite common these days, but it needs to be managed well to reduce mental and emotional taxing, which automatically impacts the IV process success rate. Multiple stress-management techniques are being strongly suggested in this regard, like deep-breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, and many more.
  • Quit nicotine intake: IVF outcomes always get adversely affected by smoking as it leads to the significant reduction of Estrogen levels and oocyte quality. Recent studies have shown that nicotine and tobacco consumption, including smoking, snuff, chewing, and vaping, creates cotinine, a toxic nicotine metabolite. This poisonous substance will not only hurt the overall reproductive system but also spoil the entire IVF process.

How supplements play a vital role in successful IVF

IVF success and fertility maintenance are predominantly dependent on the right choice of supplements.  Supplements cater to necessary nutrients for restoring reproductive functions most effectively. At times, it is not possible to absorb all nutrients from food, and therefore, supplement intake is necessary.

·Folate supplements: These are folic-acid supplements that aid in improving fertility and fetal development along with a live birth rate increase. It is also helpful in preventing defects in neural tubes.

·Omega-3: This is one of the vital supplements that can improve the overall birth rate and pregnancy process. Morphology and sperm motility are also affected positively with these supplements.

·Vitamin C: Oxidative stress is reduced, and fertility rates are enriched with vitamin C supplements.

·Zinc supplements: They act as the best antioxidants, especially for improving motility and sperm concentration. 

·Selenium: It remediates morphology, motility, and sperm concentration.

·COQ10 supplements: They boost concertation and sperm count and also improve morphology and sperm motility.

Apart from the above supplements, some other useful options are there, like arginine (leading to higher pregnancy rates and increased ovarian response towards endometrial receptivity and stimulation), vitamin D (boosting live rate of birth), and non-saturated fatty acids (nourishing both mother and her baby).

Scheduled sleep, therapy and counselling, spending time in prayer, and healthy sex are also necessary before an IVF process. Medications and regular check-ups need to be maintained for a safe IVF. For more valuable suggestions, you can always visit Noble Hospitals, a famous fertility treatment hospital in Pune. Here, fertility specialists are not only vibrant in nature, but they also cater to proper emotional support.