Breast Care Center

Breast Clinic

This is a one-stop dedicated breast clinic for women of all age groups. Considering the women's need for comfort and privacy, a consultant female breast surgeon will examine and investigate you. Breast issues are of benign(non-cancer), malignant(cancer) and cosmetic nature. We offer a very scientific and protocol-based individualized treatment.

Benign Diseases: These are breast pain (mastalgia), Lump in the breast, Breast Abscess(infection), Mastitis(inflammation), Nipple Discharge, and Galactocoel(lactation related lumps).

We have a state of Art diagnostic facility to differentiate benign from malignant breast diseases. 3T MRI, Sonomamography, SonoElastography, Xray Mammography and Core Biopsy Facility. Most procedures are OPD basis or daycare.

Malignant Breast Disease:

Our multidisciplinary team of Oncosurgeons, Oncologists Counselors and Physiotherapists come on board to offer patients an individual line of treatment plan.

Cosmetic breast:

Many times, women face issues of body image due to small breast size or a very large breast size at times. Few patients have congenital anomalies associated with breast for these cases our plastic surgeon comes on board for corrective surgeries.

Patient privacy is maintained with utmost sincerity. A dedicated follow-up plan, breast care and screening protocol are given to patients before they are discharged.

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