Critical Care

Our Intensive Care Unit

Critical Care or Intensive Care Medicine deals with patients who are critically ill with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. They will need life support, timely interventions, invasive monitoring and round-the-clock care. Our 24/7 trained caregivers in critical care are well-equipped to respond to any situation and provide care to patients in order to ensure a faster recovery. Adhering to the highest standards of medical protocols, evidence-based medical practices and the highest priority to patient safety, we are committed to providing the best of treatment and care to all seriously ill patients.

Our Critical Care department is a multi-disciplinary team which includes physicians, anaesthesiologists and nurses, specially trained in critical care medicine, and supported by a team of skilled resident doctors and paramedics. Members of our emergency medical team have specialized training in advanced life support, trauma care, intensive interventions and dealing with any emergencies faced by a critically-ill individual, both adult and paediatric age groups.

The 70-bedded Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which includes adult and paediatric ICU is one of the most advanced critical care units in this region and is run by a team of qualified and experienced intensivists.

Advanced Technology to Meet Critical Care Needs

Noble Hospitals is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and medical equipment. Noble Hospitals provides a complete range of the latest diagnostic, medical and surgical facilities for the care of its patients. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals are committed to giving each patient the best care.

We provide treatment for the following:

  • Medical Critical Care
  • Critical Cardiac Care
  • Critical Trauma Care
  • Critical Respiratory Care
  • Paediatric Critical Care
  • Neonatal Critical Care
  • Surgical Critical Care
  • Neurological Critical Care
  • Orthopaedic Critical Care
  • Multi-Organ Transplant Critical Care


The Critical Care Units at Noble Hospitals has highly specialized patient beds for patients who require constant medical monitoring for life-threatening health issues.  The ICU has segregated areas for each patient to maintain medical safety and privacy. Ventilators, multipara monitors, central oxygen and air, central air-conditioning with HEPA filters, infusion pumps, ECMO machines, dialysis machines, CRRT machines, pacemakers, defibrillators, and other equipment needed for critical medical monitoring are all available at the ICU in Noble Hospitals.

Who is cared for in the ICU?

ICU teams are multi-disciplinary, made up of highly-skilled intensive care nurses, doctors and specialists trained in providing critical care for patients with a variety of medical, surgical and trauma conditions.

Noble ICUs specialise in providing care for particular health conditions or injuries including:

  • Major Trauma
  • Severe Burns
  • Respiratory Failure
  • Multi-Organ Failure (from any etiology)
  • Complex Spinal Injury/Surgery
  • Cardiac Emergencies
  • Severe Infection with Complication (sepsis & multi-organ failure)
  • Neurological Emergencies
  • Poisoning, Snake Bite and Drug Overdose (associated with severe complications)
  • Postoperative Care after Major Surgery

Sophisticated Imaging and Diagnostic Modalities

Radiology is a branch of medicine that uses imaging technology to diagnose and treat diseases during critical illness. It may be divided into two different areas - diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. While diagnostic radiology involves the usage of imaging modalities like MRI and CT, interventional radiology involves the performance of minimally invasive procedures with image guidance.

To facilitate early diagnosis and guide the appropriateness of treatment, we, at Noble Hospitals have a team of well-trained radiologists, pathologists, microbiologists and technicians. We are equipped with the most advanced imaging technology, and pathology laboratory and backed by well-established protocols.

  • 3 Tesla MRI (Magnetom Vida)
  • 128 Slice CT scanner
  • Well equipped, state-of-the-art pathology & biochemistry labs
  • General Radiology Services
  • Blood Bank Facility

Patient and family support services

We understand the emotions and needs of caregivers and family members during critical illness. We empower caregivers with frequent physician updates and provide transparency about the treatment plan.

The Noble ICU team has a dedicated counsellor to provide support for caregivers and their families. These counsellors are highly experienced and have a thorough knowledge of ICU procedures.