Nutrition & Dietetics

Health is much more than the absence disease. It is a positive quality, emphasizing physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well being. Optimum nutrition providing all nutrients in both kind and amount, is the cornerstone of good health and the cutting edge of prevention. The foods we eat, and the nutrient they should provide, are the most important continuing environmental factors influencing our growth, development, functional abilities, and health. Nutrition is of prime importance for significantly reducing the excessive premature morbidity and mortality from our leading killer diseases heart disease, cancer and stoke etc. It also help in speedy recovery and shorter hospital stay.

Nutrition and dietetics department of Noble Hospital works in conjunction with medical practitioners to formulate the Nutritional guidelines for in house patients and OPD patients as well. They help the patient to choose the right food at right time at right condition which make big contribution in the recovery of patients. Dept is well managed by qualified and experienced dietician and nutritionist and that makes it a place of choice for people. Inhouse as well as OPD patient is thouroughly screened for his nutritional requirements and daily meal pattern that combines the patient's food habits with remedial needs, is prepared. counselling is the most important highlight of the department. Nutritional components are discussed with patients, to explain the purpose of the diet, discover food preferences and prepare the patient mentally for continuing the diet at home.While almost everyone benefit from trusted, evidence based nutrition education and advice, here are some of the top reasons that you need nutritionist help - Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Pregnancy, lactation, PCOD, Digestion problems, food allergies & intolelances, kidney conditions, liver conditions, athletic requirements etc.