Neuro surgery

Keeping in mind the need of providing treatment in the Golden hour following an injury and also keeping in mind the absence of advanced neurosurgical care in this region; the department of Neurosurgery was started at the inception of Noble hospitals in July 2007. Since then close to 5000+ complex Brain and Spinal surgeries have been performed successfully.


Noble Hospital is the first Institute in Pune to introduce Brain Lab Navigation to improve the precision of surgery. It also has two ultra-modern Operation theaters dedicated to Neurosurgical procedures. The theaters are fully equipped with the latest Endoscopy system and a Zeiss Vario operating microscope. We have been ably supported by the Anaesthesiologists and their latest equipment, as some of the surgeries require prolonged time and sometimes have to be performed in the “Awake” state to nullify any neuro deficit. We also have the latest Intervention Neuroradiology lab for the treatment of neurovascular problems like Aneurysms, AVM’s and Stroke. We also have a dedicated Neurointensive Care unit for critical patients. As Imaging forms an integral part of the diagnosis and planning of treatment, we have a 128 slice CT and 3T MRI machine under the same roof.

We have a dedicated team of Surgeons, Anaesthesiologists, and Intensivists who are available round the clock at any given time to ensure quality care.

Soon we are starting a dedicated Neuroscience centre, with a dedicated Stroke team, Neuro ICU, etc. to bring world-class Neurological treatment to this region at affordable prices.

The in-house team of Super Specialist doctors empowers us to provide prompt response to amd appropriate treatment to patients with emergency ailments. This by far is the most important factor that determines the overall outcome of a patient's condition.

Working as a team, our doctors and staff discuss each ailment to exchange their views and plan the best evidence-based treatment.

Treatment of Neurological ailments continues even after a patient is discharged. Keeping this in mind, our team comprises of trained Neuro physiotherapists, helping people with serious problems like stroke, head and spine injury, degenerative Brain disorders, etc to regain their daily activities.

We are a team of Super specialists comprising of Neurosurgeons, Neuro physicians, Neuro Intensivist, Neuro physiotherapists and Neuropsychologist with more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields being trained in the finest institutions here and abroad.

Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery