Very good experience. I visited there to consult a dietician. Dr. Akshay Pawar is a very good dietician over there. He is very cooperative & gentle in nature. Under his guidance & support, I reduced my weight. The best dietician I have ever found.

- Patient (Shrikant Murkute)

Lifestyle changes and medicines prescribed by Dr Reema and Dietary suggestions from Dr Akshay Pawar did wonders for my health. Overall Good experience.

- Patient (Premsagar Tiwari)

Mr. Gulage Gangadhar came to show Dr. Mane, sir, at the noble hospital for my Diabetes. He gave me insulin and sent me to Dr. Reshma Kangude for counseling. She counseled me very nicely, taught me insulin, and made me confident about insulin. I am very happy about her service and hospital service..thank you very much.

- Patient (Ganesh Gulge)

The diabetes treatment for my wife by Dr. Reemakashiva in December 2021 is very effective and with great human touch. The treatment is well coordinated by Dietitian Akshay Pawar sir. In fact, the importance of diet was first time realized by his Counseling. The coordination of medicine and diet treatment has gone a long way in controlling diabetes and restoring confidence inpatient. Thanks, Reema Madam and Akshay Pawar sir.

- Patient (Harishchandra Lawange)

Noble hospital is the best hospital in Pune.I have ever come across.Dr. Mane sir .. humble,honest easily approachable,and making everyone the patients as well as relatives at ease are some your unique qualities,may God bless him abundantly.

- Patient (Rohini Munswami)

Dr. Sujit Sawadtkar-Cardiologist, Suggested us to get treated in Noble Hospital when my daughter went through seviour Accident, Dr. Sampat Dumre Patil Sir , Dr. Shailesh Patil Sir both Ortho Specialists treaded my daughter in very seviour condition she went through 3 major surgeries of foot Ankle and Hand . But she is doing very well now. Miss Mary Sister and all other staff is very supportive and cooperative. Thank you very much for each and every one who supported me in this situation.

- Patient (Rajesh Rajurkar)

I had severe back pain and suddenly started Chest pain, so I rushed to Noble hospital emergency. They gave emergency treatment in ICU ,and Sr. SUJIT sir cardiologist and Dr. KHAN sir in ICU,they gave good guidance about my health. I had HEART stroke..but now we'll, going home happily.

- Patient (Raphel Pillay)

DR Aniket Patel is one of the best surgeons in Pune for knee replacement surgery as DR Aniket has done my mom’s both knees surgery and she’s able to walk very well.

- Patient (Feroz Shaikh)

The hospital staff took very good care of my father when he was in the ICU. The admission, medi-claim, and billing process was extremely smooth. An Added benefit is that there is a pharmacy on each floor so the relatives don’t have to run around looking for medicals. The hospital is very clean and very well maintained. They also have a good canteen that offers decent and healthy food options.

Ms Mary who is the GRO at the hospital and is in the ICU department took utmost care of us. She was extremely helpful with all our requirements.

- Patient (Siddharth K)

I saw Noble hospital review and Stat taking treatment from Dr. Sneha Trivedi ma'am. She is a special Gynecologist. She guides very well. The Gynecology dept Sisters and doctors were very caring, and helping. They made me feel positive. I highly recommend this DOCTOR!!!!!!

- Patient (Shital Gaikwad)

My name is Naval Kishore Prasad, and I am a prostate sufferer. I recently received treatment at Novel Hospital under the expert care of Dr. Shashikant K. When Dr. Shashikant recommended surgery, I trusted his judgment and agreed immediately. On June 23rd, I underwent an operation and made a swift recovery. I am delighted to share that I am now in excellent health, free from any problems, and feeling better than ever before.

- Patient (Naval Kishore Prasad)

I recently had surgery performed by Dr. Girija Patil, and I cannot speak highly enough of the experience. From the initial consultation to the follow-up appointments, Dr. Girija Patil was professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

The surgery itself was a success, and I had a very smooth experience. Dr. Girija took the time to explain the procedure in detail and answer any questions I had, which helped me feel at ease throughout the entire process.

I also appreciated the personalized attention I received from Dr. Girija. She made me feel like a valued patient and went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and well-being. Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Girija for her exceptional patient-centric approach and her soft and comforting nature. Their expertise, skill, and bedside manner make them exceptional doctors, and I am grateful to have had them as my surgeon.

Thank you, Dr Girija

- Patient (Vrushali Vyas)

My son Master. Harshwardhan Desai was admitted in the Noble hospital in Semi Private ward No. 423 B. Sister Mary has been a great help and support for the entire 4 days from the time we entered the hospital. Special thanks to Sister Mary. Dr. Dileep Mane just consoled us that Harsh will be fine. A spectacular person I must say, known as an Iron Man. Much appreciated.

Moreover to add Dr. Reema's daily morning visit was a blessing in disguise. A Dr. With a team who nurtures them understands the patients and treats them to get away with the ailment fast. Highly appreciated. Overall a great experience with a Value for the investment on the patient. Special thanks to all the Drs Mohit, Supriyo (Dr. With a curly hair) and other team mates. Also to all the Sisters, staff Cleaning staff, the Canteen staff. Thank you so much. My Deep GRATITUDE to all.

- Patient (Abhijeett Desai)

Noble Hospital is one of best equipped Hospital in Pune with great panel of Doctors. Dr. Swaminathan with his experience and expertise has handled one of critical case and provided all support needed. Services provided by attendant specially in PICU and in patient rooms (Specially brother Omkar) really helped us emotionally during tough time. Wishing all the best to Noble Hospital team and special thanks to Mr Anil Raut Sir for his continuous guidance and support.

- Patient (Huda Khadas)

On behalf of my family we extend special thanks to the heroes of Nobel Hospital Dr Chandrashekhar Raman Sir , Khan Sir and Miss Mary . We greatly appreciate your service .Thank you for the time and work you have put into helping my father and my family during this insane time. You are noticed and you are SO appreciated. Thank you so much for your bravery, your sacrifices, and your unflagging compassion. we wouldn't be able to get through this time without you. Dr Raman Sir & Khan Sir were absolutely fabulous without them my father wouldn’t have come out of this worst time we had . Miss Mary was extremely helpful and so manageable with her work a very big thanks to her . She is an amazing person. I would definitely recommend my friends and family for Nobel . The ICU staff and administration staff were very helpful and always in the front line . The canteen food was very good and staff was friendly and helpful . Shivraj Gaikwad sir was very cooperative with us regarding food And staff.

Thank you for everything you are doing. Thank you for your hard work and dedication during such a difficult time.

- Patient (Sakshi Pawar)

Remarkable service provided by the excellent team of Doctors and nursing staff which is par excellence. Special thanks to Dr Chandrashekar Raman and Dr Jagtap for giving us the confidence and ensuring all our queries and anxieties are answered. Extremely humble and approachable workforce makes this hospital one of its kind in the times when many hospitals are resorting to unscrupulous practice merely to make more money by exploiting patients thereby giving a bad name to such a noble profession. The sisters and ayas are also very kind and are available on just a call. The meals provided to the patient is also highly satisfactory. I wish every hospital should follow the NOBLE practice of serving patients as this Noble hospital does.

- Patient (Hema Chandiramani)

I took physiotherapy sessions from Dr. Nisha Thakur for my lower back pain. She is a very experienced doctor in her field. These sessions definitely has resolved my back pain issues and she has also guided me for my future workout routines. I will surely recommend others to consult Dr. Nisha for physiotherapy. All other staff are also very supportive and helpful.

- Patient (D.Yatish Bhat)

InThis is the second time I have got admitted at Noble Hospital Pune because they not only treat their patients with at most good care but also provide much needed moral support. Services are excellent when compared to other hospitals in pune. They make us feel that patients health is equally important to them as well. They listen to you very carefully and address medical issues accordingly. Hospital is very organised and they take feed back very positively and make sure they improvise on them.

One person i want to name personally is MS. Mary, She works in the complaints department and she is very keen to know about every patients treatment and treatment service experiences at the hospital so that she can work on the feedback shared by patients. She makes sure that every patient leaves the hospital healthy and with a smile. She really does more than her job. I truly appreciate her hardwork and she has a very kind heart too. Overall a good experience.

- Patient (Dilip Singh)

In Noble Hospital , we underwent a bilateral hip replacement procedure. Medical care and advice are excellent. Overall positive experience, excellent care, and friendly staff. We are happy with the services provided to the patient in every way. We would especially like to thank Dr. Vishal Choudhari and Aniket Patil. Dr. Vishal is very polite, very simple and gentle in his behavior. Thanks to Dr. Naumi and Dr. Anisha and Dr. Yashaswi for Physiotherapy.

- Patient (Kalindi Devgaonkar)

I loved the hospital and its service. Specifically the mental support provided by Dr. Danish Memon. More than medicines it was his good care which helped recovery. The diagnosis was immediate which too helped the recovery. My special thanks also to the nurses and moshis who were really helping. Specially sisters Dhanya her associates and sister sailli and her colleagues… everyone was too helpful. Thanks to Noble hospital all the support staffs and its management.

- Patient (Arjun Raj)

Miss Arti and miss Mary were very cooperative and personally attended to make our stay in the hospital very smooth and wonderful. Dr Nusrat Kamal was very sincere and supportive during the complete procedure. Thank to all nursing staff for their cordial behaviour.

- Patient (Geeta Malik)

I am here from 4days but the care and instant treatment I got from the staff and the sweet gestures from Dr. Abnave is what a patient expects from his Doctor. I would also reccomend the food provided to its patient as per their nutrionists is what is to be opted instead of home food. Thank You.

- Patient (Namita Tupe)

Noble Hospital & Research Centre is a boon to residents of Pune. My wife was admitted recently twice for surgery under care of Dr Duggal and Dr Abhijeet Whatkar and our experience has been superb; tension free and beyond expectation.After admission, as an Attendant, me or my family had nothing to do except to provide emotional care and rest everything was being done by extremely caring, competent & considerate Doctors and nursing staff. Unlike some other big hospitals in Pune , a CGHS pensioner/ beneficiary is not treated like unwanted or 2nd grade patient and Noble Hospital takes care of everyone equally with human touch and rarely Attendant is asked to get medicine or anything else from outside & all needs of patients are taken care of by Hospital itself. Noble Hospital has very good ambience ; even administration & housekeeping staff is trained to be polite & efficient with due emphasis on cleanliness & proper upkeep. Even if one is staying far away from Hospital, it is worth considering Noble Hospital for hassle free treatment of your near and dear ones.

- Patient (AP Srivastava)

Excellent treatment and great facility ..coming from Chennai I was apprehensive with the language being a big barrier..pleasantly surprised by all the care and attention we got from one and all right from the Doctors to the medical attendants. Continue the good work guys.

- Patient (PM Balasubramanian)

I recently took treatment for my ankle sprain from Dr. Nisha Thakur from physiotherapy department. She handled the injury with great care. Within 7 sessions I am able to walk without limping and my pain has completely disappeared. She also told me about at-home workouts. I would definitely recommend her physiotherapy. All other staff members were also very cooperative.

- Patient (Sai Padule)

My mother was admitted from 15th December to 22nd December due to severe backache she had to go through back surgery as the pain was unbearable. I wanted to thank Dr. Vishal and his team along with the support staff who really took great care of my mother day in day out. Keep up the good work and you are making so many people happy in this world. Appreciate your efforts a lot Noble Hospital.

- Patient (Siddharth Batra)

My hubby was admitted on 8th Nov for hyper tension.Doctors staff all are good help full and promt. All facilities are good. cleanliness all 10/10. Treatment is followed by counseling and diet plan. Over all complete care.

- Patient (Vrushali Vikhanhar)

There was an very urgent need of surgery for me. I got admitted in Noble hospital on very urgent basis. Still I had a very good experience with their quick service and all management things. Specially Sneha trivedy, she is an Gynaecologist in this hospital. She has made my surgery very smooth and utmost care. All nurses and staff is very cooperative and reachable. I had a good experience overall. Thanks.

- Patient (Shivani Bhandari)

We had a very good and comfortable experience. Few months ago my brother was admitted to Noble hospital coz of some heart issues Dr. Sujit Sawatkar has been very kind and pleasant he helped us through the whole situation and gave the confidence to go through the treatment. The nursing and supporting staff is very courteous and takes care of all the requirements very well. Would like to thank Mary ma'am for being with us and helping us through all the process.

- Patient (Krishna Bhutada)

I consultanted to Dr. Reema on an emergency. She is the best.I m extremely Happy with treatment provided by Hospital. Nursing staff is well qualified and very good service offered by them. Room cleaning and facilities are nice Thank you team Noble. Noble Hospital is the best to visit. Proper treatment proper consultation proper guidance. The best part is the management team. Speaking of Dr Reema have been a great support in terms of medical guidance... I would highly prefer Noble Hospital for any sort of treatment.

- Patient (Tanzila Khan)

Dr.Shashikant Asabe & Dr. Mahesh Hiwrale is the excellent urologist in handling patients. I never face any awkwardness till operation was performed. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful concern in regard and providing me with excellent medical and physical care. I am most grateful for your kindness whenever I see you.

Cleanliness, Doctors treatment/advice, are good. Overall good experience, the treatment was good and very helpful staff. We are fully satisfied with the services rendered to the patient. The hospital staff are very courteous and cooperative and helpful.

A good doctor is also one who is attentive, analytical, brave, calm, cooperative, creative, decisive, energetic, ethical, friendly, gracious, humorous, investigative, knowledgeable, mature, nurturing, observant, passionate, responsible, reassuring, selfless, skillful, trustworthy, vigilant, and wise.

- Patient (Shweta Mony)

I came from Akurdi for the treatment of my family in theNoble hospital ICU. The treatment was accurate and had no delay in processes. I would like to express my special thanks and regards to Dr. Khan sir for his support and guidance. ICU team was also very nice. Sisters took very good care of my family. Thanks!

- Patient (Ravikiran Bhosale)

Overall experience is excellent. Special thanks to Reema mam and her subordinates. Very careful and prompt service by all. Cleanliness also good. Thanks to all. Keep it up.

- Patient (Chandrakant Jagtap)

My son has been kept for observation in general ward as he is dengue positive. Just one IV fluid is given. Still he is improving. The treatment i got from doctor, nurses & other staffs is quite satisfactory.

- Patient (Seimin Simte)

Dr.Danish, A most Humble Doctor I've ever come across. Can't think of any other even for the smallest sickness. May God bless you & keep you well always for serving public. Ms. Mary Yenmal was very helpful. Guided us wonderfully. She is very polite & kind hearted. Very helpful.

- Patient (Adlin Fernandez)

I was under supervision of Dr. Chandrashekhar Neurosurgeon. I had very good information about all my queries and his treatment is amazing. He is such a nice and calm human. Totally recommended. Even staff and hospital services are great.

- Patient (Sachin Sharma)

I was rushed to hospital due to high fever dengue. The hospital attended me very professionally and restored my health. The hospital doctor Ms Reema was very helpful and co - operative. Such staff members and qualified doctors are asset to this hospital. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to Ms Mary for her timely guidance and help.

- Patient (Mayuresh Shinde)

Super happy to get the treatment done for my wife at Noble Hospital Hadapsar. Excellent soft spoken staff and available 24*7 for help and support. Exact and precise guidance by Danish Sir and constantly motivating nd inspiring patient to get well soon.

- Patient (Sandeep Kokate)

My father was admitted to Noble Hospital due to some health issues and diagnosed with infections. I appreciate Dr. Reema Kashiva mam taking time to go over the diagnosis clearly and treatment options. Hospital is well equipped and clean. Overall it was warm experience.

- Patient (Mahesh Sarkate)

Many thanks to Dr Mane Sir and Dr Khan sir. Thanks to all nursing and supportive staff. Thanks to Dr M B Abnave sir.

I received excellent service and care write from security to the treating doctor during my illness (Dengue fever). Hospital is very clean and tidy and all the measures of patient hygiene are maintained. Glad to have such a tertiary care level hospital service nearby me.

- Patient (Aarush)

It was very good experience in noble hospital. I opted for private room, since it was cashless they did not ask to pay a single penny. There was no enforcement of unnecessary medication. Doctors and nurses were experienced, helpful and provided all information. The service was prompt. Only food is not so good. However hospital allowed to have homemade food.

- Patient (Yogesh Shinde)

Visited Dental Center of Noble Hospital today. There were a few patients, but our turn came quickly. We had not booked appointment with the doctor. There is a free parking available inside the hospital for a few cars. If it's full, paid parking is available in the backside of the hospital. The dental center is at the basement. Though a lift is there but patients are expected to use stairs. Since we had a patient who was 80+, we were allowed to take the lift. Three departments, dentistry, physiotherapy and diabetes/obesity are co located in the basement. Registration charges of the hospital are Rs 200/- Doctors consultation fee was Rs 300/-.They charge Rs 3500/- for root canal and Rs 100/- for X-ray. Our experience of the Dental Center was good.

- Patient (Rajan Rawat)

Nice Service by noble hospital and his staff specially Dr.Z Khan sir he is coming for check up for every two hour. Nursing staff is very well

- Patient (Umesh Gaikwad)

Excellent treatment..
Dr.Mane Sir and his team well experienced.
They treating my mother very well !!!

- Patient (Harshal Darekar)

We have admitted my mom for heart pain & headache. Dr.Aparna kodre ma'am treated her very professionally and guided like us like a family. now mom feeling well. All Glory to almighty. Thanks to all staff anad doctor's. staff are so supportive. Thanks again!

- Patient (Aruna Shinde)

Nice experience in ICU .
I had unknown bite ,so we came in Noble hospital ICU .
We got immediately treatment,now I m much better..
Thanks to all ICU doctors and sisters..

- Patient (Didi Chavan)

Dr Abnave sir is our family doctor,good and satisfactory treatment from Dr Aparna Kodre MD physician, nursing care, mama,mavshi very helpful. Admission to discharge everything is well processed...good system of working....thank u Noble hospital ....

- Patient (Sachin Javalge)

Hospital is good, hygienic and very patient friendly. Highly recommended

- Patient (Anuradha Tikhe)

Excellent Noble Hospital..

Treatment was good All doctors well experienced..
We received nice treatment from ICU also ..
Thanks to Dr. Reema ma'am..
Noble hospital is like family for us...🙏🙏

- Patient (Datta Bansode)

My dad went through angioplasty over here, under the guidance of Dr Prasad Shah (a senior cardiologist and a gem person). Before finalising Noble hospital i evaluated multiple other options based on following parameters such as hospital infrastructure, staff, available facilities, specialist Dr, cleaning, appropriate guidance, reasonable coast etc.. and i am extremely satisfied about my decision to choose noble hospital over the others.

I am happy to express my gratitude towards Noble Hospital support staff and sister Mery for their constant support throughout the treatment.

- Patient (Aniruddha Mandan)

We are extremely Happy with treatment provided by Hospital. Nursing staff is well qualified and very good service offered by them. My family was admitted under Unit 2 team lead by Danish Memon. He is a physician and his diagnostic is very accurate. He is also very charming and helpful personality. Room cleaning and facilities are very good. Thank you team Noble

- Patient (Manoj Patil)

Noble hospital is Central govt empaneled hospital so we generally visit it for any ailments to any family members. Here I would like to add more than govt empaneled hospital we visit it for its excellent services.

Recently my wife, a diabetic patient and suffering from kidney stone with hydronephrosis was admitted in the hospital.

We got excellent treatment under Dr. Asabe, urologist, Dr. Reema, Diabetologist and Dr. Anuradha. Today she is discharged fully well. Doctors on duty were always there to help with smile.

Nurses and other multi tasking assistants were always polite and attentive. They served well with smile and tirelessly.

Rooms, beds, environment was extremely clean and hygienic.

- Patient (Birendra Thapliyal)

Dr Reema Kashiva is taking care of my elderly parents for all kind of medical treatment,.

She is so friendly and her treatment is so effective that she has become the only go to doctor for any medical emergency. I'm so much happy and I feel secure that our whole family is getting medical support from her.

I have recommended many of my friends too to her and every one of them are satisfied with her treatment.

Thank you so much for everything.

- Patient (Jeetu Gupta)

My experience in Nobel hospital was very good
I appreciate Dr Vikram Satav for my kidney stone treatment. He e is very intelligent. Thank you for painless surgery.
Nursing staff is very good and caring.

- Patient (Nikita Magar)

Staffs were very helpful, caring. would like to thank everyone for the service provided. Would like to mention special thanks for staffs like Della, aswathy, Akshaya,Neha,Nanda and whole nursing management team ( Ms Tripti Nanda )
Dr Khan , Dr papurnia and whole surgery resident are very helpful and very professional .

- Patient (Bhagyashri Madane)

Today visited Nobel Hospital.two days before my dad Mr Ashok Nakhale had brain problem and was in serious conditions.Dr.khan sir,Dr. Devpujari sir. Dr patil sir and all nursing staff tried all their best. Now my dad is out of danger.I am very thankful to Nobel Hospital.

- Patient (Ashwini Dafare)

Nobel Hospital is blessed to have Dr. Subash Khare Endocrinologist and Ms.Marry Guest Relation Officer because they are doing great job both are very polite, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Thank u so much Nobel Hospital to keep such a good human being.

- Patient (Smriti Rai)

Chandrashekhar Sir is very good and experienced doctor.
Highly recommended neurosurgeon for complex and complicated surgeries.
Very kind and cooperative person to whom anyone can trust as a family member.

- Patient (Umesh Takale)

Routine patient of DrAparna Kodre MD Physician specialist...we highly appreciate her treatment and method of counseling...nursing care best from super deluxe floor...luxury rooms are given good facilities

- Patient (Prashant Patil)

It was a really good team of Doctors, sisters and staffs who have taken care of my father during emergency. The causality team is good at their task and are well trained.
Looking forward for others also who are hoping for a great care to get such good care

- Patient (Rohit T.K)

Thanks to Dr.Suhas Khaire Sir.and Dr.Sujit Sawadtkar Sir ..
They gave good guidance to us .. Thanks 😊

- Patient (Samuel Motiram)

Well known to noble hospital...all previous experience including this experience also is superb...admitted for ENT treatment under Dr Andrabi Memom (ENT)specialist....all services from admission to discharge are good and perfect....Admission staff Mr Sujit was very helpful....all the best for future..

- Patient (Akira Shaikh)

First time hospitalized in Noble Hospital...it is really very excellent experience. My surgery is done by Dr Vidyachandra Gandhi (General surgery specialist.) guided through Dr Jagtap Avinash .Super deluxe nursing services , housekeeping services are also very prompt...Room amenities provided are also good...Ms Veena (GRO)from admin department was also helpful...

- Patient (Dilip Mane)

I have known Noble Hospital for more over 15years but this time during pandemic I have experienced it very closely. During the 1st wave of Covid I had an heart attack. The movement when I was rushed to the emergency I was all alone. As my wife was traveling from Mumbai to Pune. Inspect of that the treatment was not slowed down infact it was more prompt and quick as I was all by myself. I must say hatsoff to Dr Mane and Dr Khan Sir n Dr Avinash Kachare for handling my situation that well and getting me out of it. THANK YOU NOBLE HOSPITAL!

- Patient (Rocky Yenmal)

Physiotherapy department is really good.I am suffering from lower back pain since a long period. My physiotherapy was done by Dr Karan . He is an awesome person. In each session I got a lot of relief. He is very much polite and takes the sessions with lot of personal care.️

- Patient (Shobha Bhosale)

Best treatment from Dr. Sadhana Dharmadhikari Ma'am gynac specialist.
Good treatment and care from gynac ward.
Good care from Dr. Abhay Mahendra Sir Neunatalogist specialist. And support/service from supportive staff.
Overall great experience ☺️☺️☺️

- Patient (Kanchan Kutwal)

I really appreciate for treatment and service. My mother underwent surgery from dr Paprunia sir. Wards nursing staff are very helpful and co-operative. Admin staff also very helpful. Wards cleanliness are good. 👍

- Patient (Shamshad Shaikh)

Dr mane and dr abnave are family members to me .Dr Mane is very good friend of mine and always there for my family health problem isue relatedthey procided us with ver good health services appreciate i kindly request to visit noble for any health related issue thanks to all

- Patient (Avinash Devidas Ghule)

Noble hospital is one of the best hospital in pine.. Thanks to all...
We met with accident in Kolhapur on 2nd May 22
After that we came in Noble hospital..
And we got excellent treatment,
They gave us new life..
All doctors well experienced.

- Patient (Suvarna Gholap)

Noble hospital is one of good options available in Hadapsar for any kind of medical treatment and surgeries. Doctors and nurses are good for taking care of patient. Mostly doctors are available all the times and things are organized well. We have taken multiple services are Noble hospital for my mother and husband for kidney stone removal and piles . Both the visit and management was good. We also take OPD services here for my toddler daughter and myself whenever needed. Very less time wastage and all test are done here. Overall recommended for any type of medical treatment.

- Patient (Krishna Singh)

Dr. Sujit and Dr. Khan from Nobel Hospital Pune Hadapsar are gods of man ... Both these doctors give full information about the disease to the people in the rural areas and explain the possible dangers without fear. Salute to their work! Also, Miss Mary, a P.R.O. They interrogate the patient with great affection. How is my patient with that smiling face? In a word, she seems to be a part of our family ... Sunil Tatya Dhiwar (Journalist)

- Patient (Sunil Dhivar)

Had a very good experience with Noble Hospital hospitality and treatment. Really grateful to Dr. Umesh Papurnia for advising right time for gall bladder surgery. Giving right information and not hiding anything from patient about the complications of surgery, which creates a trust on the doctor. Even hospital other doctors care and room facility is really very nice. Thanks a lot for taking very good care of my husband.

- Patient (Neeru Singh)

I share this review based on multiple experiences with multiple family members that were or are being treated at Noble Hospital Pune, Hadapsar. My wife was treated for a deficiency as suspected by the doctor (Dr.Mane) and asked to do tests based on a Q&A session during the visit to the hospital. Another thing to note is he identified the problem by looking at her. The tests results revealed and confirmed his intuitions and the treatment was immediately implemented. The treatments prescribed by the doctors (Including Dr. Mane) were effective to regain her health and also at the same time to ensure future precautions were rendered to the patient to avoid such an incident in future. From this experience it was clear the wealth experience and knowledge of the medical staff present at Noble Hospital. The services provided by the staff apart from doctors was also exemplary including Sister Mary Yenmal who is part of Customer Relationship Management Team to ensure ontime service and medical attention when needed and all this with a smile even when situations are tough. Well Done and thank you to the Staff and Doctors of Noble Hospital Pune, Hadapsar.

- Patient (Caesar Cornello)

Good operation done by abhijit whatkar sir of thyroid of my mom good surgeon


I had lost my tab here but the staff was kind enough to find it and return it to me

I thank all the noble staff.

- Patient (Sudha S Pai)

I must not forget to mention about the nurses who are employed here for keeping the place clean and hygiene. I wish them luck for all their lives. blessing from my side as senior citizen.

- Patient (Suvarna Ovhal)

I am visiting this hospital for my health problems, I am extremely grateful for the services.

Doctors are excellent in treatment and counselling. I am extremely happy with the dedicated services of Nurses and wardboys.

- Patient (Sudha S Pai)

Noble hospital provides cashless facility as well reimbursement facility. Many government schemes are covered here. Like PMPML schemes . Medicliam section team is very supportive. Medicliam section open early at 9 pm and ends up to 8.30 pm.

- Patient (Dipak Shelar)

Noble hospital mediclaim department has been very co operative to me. Best hospital, thank you.

- Patient (Farhan Alvi)

My father underwent total hip Truly dedicated service by Ms. Soji. We appreciate the hospitality provided. The care and services are absulately fine. Thanks

- Patient (Siddharth bhandari)

My father underwent total hip replacement and got discharged today. He recovered very well. I appreciate Mediclaim executives for the efforts that they have taken to get my denied claim to be sanctioned. Kudos team Noble. Heart felt thanks to Noble management

- Patient (Harshal Gawade)

Staff at mediclaim counter of noble hospital went out of way to get full amount sanctioned from my insurance company .Thank you medical in team.really appreciated ...

- Patient (Mukesh Shendkar)

Noble Hospital Mediclaim department is very supportive. They helped me in getting my approval. Special Thanks to management of Noble Hospital

- Patient (Yogesh Gawali)

I was diagnosed with Patelloforal arthritis 3 months back. I consulted with many orthopedician and physiotherapist but I got temporary releif. I was recomended knee replacement by renowned orthopedician as well. Then i was reffered to Dr. Farook and Dr. Karan in noble hospital. There I took 7 day sessions and even after 1 week of treatment by Dr. Karan, i am feeling almost painfree. My pain has comedown 95%. I highly recommend Dr. Karan and Dr. Farook.
Thank you very much!!

- Patient (Sushant Madan)

We are very happy with Noble Hospital. I take treatment from Dr Reema Tandale mam MD Physician & Diabeties specialist she is best doctor. The way Dr Reema councils is best and her treatment is also effective so I m getting recovered fast and discharged today. Overall hospital facilities are good . Dr Andrabi Memon ENT specislist was also good. We our from village area but the way all staff like nursing hk,admin GRO from 5 th floor were also outstanding treats,understand,help us in all stage. From Mrs Malti Kailas Sakore and family we wish all the best ...

- Patient (Malati Sakore)

Best service, good team of doctors nurses , housekeeping, admin staff.
Always ready to help. Very happy with treatment.

- Patient (Mk Dham)

Noble Hospital is very good in terms of the facilities under one roof. Very good doctors here. I would specially like to mention Dr. Reema Kashiva. Amazing diagnosis. She correctly diagnosed my mother's years old problem in first meeting itself. She listens very patiently. Grateful to have met her.

- Patient (Shanu Joshi)

I consulted Dr Reema Kashiva at Noble Hospital. From the very beginning, she ensured that I was comfortable and on board with everything she recommended. She was accommodating and provided me with several options in my treatment plan for my well-being. She is very friendly and patient and explained everything to me along the way.

Her experience goes to show in her treatment and attitude towards patients. She's truly a life saviour. I m thankful to Dr Sujit too again recommended by Dr.Reema. He too is very friendly to his patients. The state-of-the-art facilities at Noble Hospital played a crucial role in my treatment and I am thankful to the staff and management for the maintenance and services they provide. They ensured that COVID-19 protocols were being followed and sanitary standards were being maintained. Dr Kashiva is doing God's work and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional opinion.

- Patient (Tulika Pandita)

I had severe knee pain was not able to move . I came to noble hospital and showed to dr Aniket Patil joint replacement surgeon. He told me to do xray , gave medicines and some physiotherapy. I went to physiotherapy dept there I met dr Joselina John, smiling face and she asked me where is the pain and she did my physio and gave IFT. She treated me as if i am a family member. The service was too good. I have quite relieve from pain. Thanks to the team.

Noble hospital has always given me relive from any pain or disease . Good service and good doctors . Best of luck Noble Hospital

- Patient (Rekha Dham)

I consulted Dr. Danish Memon at Noble Hospital, Hadapsar for a gastric issue which I was long suffering from. Earlier I had visited a reputed gastroenterologist, did USG and endoscopy but found no relief. Dr. Memon was brilliant in his diagnosis and treatment. It turned out to be respiratory issue and not gastric one. And he diagnosed this with just the stethoscope! I highly recommend him

- Patient (Trinath Gaduparthi)

Dr.SARIKA SATAV is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my son health, but also she is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It's rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a Son as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient! Mam great Job always Thank you

- Patient (Gauri Sasane)

Best Medical Staff, Service & Hospital in Pune.

Really want to Thanks and Appreciate Dr. Swati, Dr. Sumit, Dr. Bhagyashree, Dr. Mamta (From Emergency Ground Floor Dept), Mrs. Vimal Chavan & Mrs. Anita (Ladies in Pink Uniform), Admission Team - Ms. Aarti Nair, Daniel & Mayur, Swapnil from Billing Team and 5th Floor Nurse - Ms. Adira and Pricela.

These all are Real Heros and ensured that my family member get all Medical help at the time of Admission and during treatment (stay) at Noble Hospital, Magarpatta, Pune.

Seriously they all are delivering best of them, they ensuring that Patient feel safe at Noble Hospital, Pune.

Just want to say, You all have dedicated your lives in the medical field and helping Patients, We are so very grateful for your choice.

You all be in our Heart Forever...(Mentioned Team Members of Noble Hospital, Pune)

- Patient (Amit Wayal)

- Patient (Poonam Ajay Kolte)

- Patient (Shashikant Deshpande)

I was diagnosed with Covid on 27th Nov after 5 days of symptoms and so decided to go to Noble Hospital for further management. I have been discharged last evening and back home. I had heard a lot about Noble Hospital but this time I also experienced the same. The team of doctors and nurses are doing a great job. I was in Covid ICU for initial 3 days and later shifted to a private ward. I used to see Covid ICU in TV but this time saw in reality. I am amazed to see the frequency of doctors visits, care by nursing and other support staff. They don't let you feel that you are a Covid Patient. Actually these are the soldiers who are fighting for your recovery in the hospital. They encourage you a lot and help you recover fast. Doctors and nurses handle your queries with patience.

I must place on record that Dr Z A Khan under whom I was admitted has been closely monitoring me and met me daily. I am grateful to Dr. Ameet Dravid who had also met me in hospital and had a discussion with me about my case. Last but not the least I want to thank Dr Digvijay Kamble who has been a great support.

My experience has been excellent. Noble hospital is a blessing to the citizens of Pune. A state of art hospital ready to manage any kind of eventuality. I wish everyone all the Best.

- Patient (Rajesh Chandra)

Glad to share my beautiful experience with orthopedic Dr.vishal choudhary sir...he is very good and very positive his treatment like a miracle...I got my Accident last 2 month before so I went out to Ruby hall wanowarie in the emergency but I m very disappointed with my treatment I got my fracture there was too much x-ray or test done by the Dr.n team I literally exhausted...n after 5 days I feel the same no relief in the Plaster or injuries....than I refer my all case to (Noble hospital)Dr.vishal sir seriously with in 2 days dose I feel so relax n Plaster takes time ..day by day I feel better ...and now I m good n better...thank you so much Dr.and your nursing team ...thanks.

- Patient (Monika Tanwar)

My dad was referred to noble hospital by my family doctor as he had complained about the chest pain. Post this he was admitted to ICU and also he had a angiography and angioplasty procedure. Dr Khan and Dr Sujeet were the doctor who treated him and I would like to say that the kept us well informed about the procedure and risks which helped us make decision. The staff were very cooperative and hygiene is well maintained.

- Patient (Chandan Singh)

Wonderful experience with Noble Hospital! True to its name the doctors, nurses and even support staff are excellent as professionals as well as people! I have been to many hospitals but mostly people tend to be either rude, arrogant or uncaring. But Noble is excellent in all areas. I had my surgery here for submandibular and Dr Nudrat Kamal (the ENT surgeon) was fantastic to say the least. She is one of the best doctors/surgeons I have met and the kindest as well! Thank you Doctor Kamal!

- Patient (Devyna Lembard)

Hi, my wife was admitted in noble hospital in month of April May 21for Covid 19 treatment.. I want to thank to the canteen team for providing her good and nutritious food. Their staff is very helpful and polite. When my patient went on RT feeding they provide all the necessary liquid diet as directed by nutritionist.(Special Thank You So Much to Dr Sarika Satav Mam For Personal Concern For My Wife) The food was properly cooked and their cleanliness is upto the mark which is required for patients admitted in hospital. It helps for speedy recovery of my patient.

- Patient (Shambhu Tanpure)

My 79 years old mother was admited in noble hospital due to low sodium level..she was in a very bad condition.. want to share my experience..it was very nice experience. Extremely cordial staff right from the ambulance staff, emergency and ICU nurses and doctors. Dr. Khan, Dr.Shirsha, Dr. Pawar, Lalu Joseph and other nursing staff was extremely helpful. thank you all for your support...keep it up

- Patient (Vihar Gupte)

I took physiotherapy for after surgery knee rehabilitation in Noble hospital. My experience was good. Now i am able to do all day to day activities like before. Doctors are having decent knowledge and experience. Dr Gupta treated me very well during my treatment. Thank you!

- Patient (Akash Mulik)

Noble hospital physiotherapist has absolutely amazing team of their own. I'm a 35 year old male who had a spine injury in Jan 2020. I consulted many doctors, some said surgery is necessary, some suggested to do physiotherapy. So I chose physiotherapy with Noble Physiotherapy. My doctor's name was Dr. Gupta. He is the best! Not only during my appointments but even apart from that, He used to be there to help always. In just 1 months, I got cured completely. All thanks to the doctor and the team of this department. They're also very friendly and supportive. I would definitely recommend you all to go to this Hospital if you're in need.

- Patient (Rockz Pritisha)

Appreciation for Dr Reema,May God give her more Blessings so that she can keep saving people in this society. Thank you Dr Reema,for responding me at your busy schedule.I believe being Dr you are doing great at this age and also supporting and treating your patient very well.We also experience the same from you which is appreciable for the people in the society to get a Dr like you. Only one thing Dr don't judge people by your situation sometimes in a life you come across with a people who doesn't know how to speak with double meaning or double thought.we both are educationist and also believe on being transparent in life with everyone. Thank you

- Patient (Shampa NS)

Wonderful services rendered by Mediclaim department, Noble hospital, Hadapsar Thanks to Noble hospital management. My wife is a regular Dialysis patient and we have got the atmost care during the ongoing treatment as well as during admission.Best support from Noble Hospital staff. May God give them strength and energy Thank you once agian

- Patient (Rajkumar Korabandi)

- Dr. Shashikant Bhange

- Dr. Girija Patil

- Dr. Abhijit Whatkar

- Doctors