Cerebral Angiogram/DSA

What is cerebral angiogram?

Angiogram means examination of blood vessels of brain. Its same procedure like Heart Angiography / Coronary Angiography. After giving local anesthesia to groin area, small tube is introduced from leg blood vessel and advanced till brain blood vessel. Multiple blood vessels are visualized under low dose X ray guidance after contrast/dye injection. Generally, procedure gets over in 10-15 minutes and patient can be discharged on the same day after 6 to 8 hours of observation in hospital.

What are the side effects of the cerebral angiogram/DSA?

Some of the known complications are

  1. Puncture site swelling secondary to extravasated blood after the procedure
  2. Contrast related allergic reaction

Overall the procedure of cerebral angiogram is extremely safe and complications are very rare in experienced hands.

When does one need to take advise for cerebral angiogram/DSA?

Angiogram is examination of blood vessels of the brain. Any problems with blood vessels of the brain like blockage leading to stroke, aneurysm ( swelling of the blood vessels of brain), arteriovenous malformation or any abnormality on your MRI or CT scan which requires further examination of blood vessels in more details to plan the treatment.