Onco Surgery

Onco Surgery

We have dedicated team of qualified and competent surgical oncologist with vast experience in the field of Cancer treatment and Surgeries. All our surgical oncology department, we offer you one stop treatment solution to our patients right from the diagnosis, staging and treatment of the cancer.

Our doctors are updated with all the recent advances in the field of cancer surgery, and we strive to offer our patients best in a class surgical and postoperative care. We have given emphasis on concept of organ preservation surgeries in treatment of cancer also at the same time we have integrated minimally invasive treatment options where indicated with a single aim of reducing postoperative surgical morbidity and improving patients earlier recovery.

We also have established a multidisciplinary team approach with involvement of expertise from various specialities whenever required. We strive for only one aim of providing ethical, affordable and best in a class surgical treatment to Our cancer patients and help to bring significant change in their lives and provide them hope for the healthy future.

Services Offered

  1. Head and Neck Cancer Treatment
  2. Breast Cancer Treatment inclusive of breast conservative oncoplastic breast surgeries
  3. Stomach and small intestinal cancer
  4. Hepato pancreatico billiory Cancers
  5. Colon & Rectal Cancers
  6. Gynaecological Cancers
  7. Genitourinary Cancer Treatment
  8. Thoracic & mediastinal Cancer
  9. Soft Tissue
  10. Bone Sarcoma Treatment


Consist of spectrum of malignancies and symptoms mainly include bleeding ulceration or fungation and pain.

Treatment is mainly by surgery and adjuvant radiation, chemotherapy used in some cases. Surgery includes resection of the area involved by cancer with clearance of the fatty tissue in the neck. This is followed by reconstruction of the resected area using other body tissue

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Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is usually present in the form of swelling in front of the neck. Treatment is by surgery. there are one of the few cancers which are highly curable with surgery. Some patients also need additional therapies like radioiodine Treatment

Breast Cancer

Is the most common cancer in urban Indian women. Most common symptoms include lump in the breast or axilla (underarm)

Treatment modalities includes surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy

We provide all the recent surgical treatment for breast cancer like breast conservation with oncoplastic breast surgeries, sentinel lymph node biopsies, these surgeries can help to preserve near normal breast architecture after removal of the cancer with good cosmetic outcome.

Colon & Rectal Cancer Treatments

These are cancers mostly found in above 50 years age group but can be found at an earlier age. Diagnosis is usually made by colonoscopy and biopsy from any abnormalities found during colonoscopy and with the help of imaging like CT Scan

Treatment usually consists of surgery followed by Chemotherapy for colon cancers. For rectal cancer chemotherapy and Radiation can be given prior to surgery.

We offer modern minimally invasive treatment for these cancers along with conventional open surgeries.

Genito Urinary Caner Treatment

Includes cancers of the kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, urethra, and Penis along with testicular cancers

Treatment of each individual cancer is different, but in most cancer, it is surgery. In kidney cancers, newer treatment help in preservation of a majority of the kidney. In some cases, minimally invasive techniques like laparoscopic and robotic nephrectomy have shown excellent result. Prostrate cancer is treated by surgery in early cases advanced stage cancers are treated by hormonal manipulative treatments. If required Chemotherapy used.

Bladder cancers usually treated with surgery & requires partial or complete resection of bladder followed by reconstruction.