Dr.Reema Y Kashiva

M.D (Internal Medicine)

Director - Medicine & Medical Services, HOD - Diabetes & Obesity

Department of Internal Medicine

Areas of Expertise:

●    Diabetes
●    Hypertension & Cardiology Thyroid Disorders 
●    Obesity 
●    Communicable Disease 
●    Rheumatology


MBBS (1998)
Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

MD Internal Medicine 
MGM Medical College (MGMMC), Indore, Madhya Pradesh 

Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education Programme

Years of Experience:

25 years


English, Hindi, Marathi

Awards and Achievements:

●    Times Power Woman – 2018   
●    Times Health ICON – 2019
●    Rotary Woman of the year – 2016 
●    FICCI FLO woman’s achiever’s awards 
●    ABS Woman’s Award  
●    Recognised as SCOPE certified by the World Obesity Federation  



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